Latest Model

The automatic program and warm temperature function that are kind to a body are built in the latest model of Dr. Tron, and the wireless remote controller is attached by the operation that it is easy by the sound guidance.

Dr.TRON YK-Miracle8

Dr. Tron YK-Miracle 8
Substance size: H30 x W40 x D30 (cm)

Previous Model

Dr. Tron YK9000
(Latter-term model: White)

Dr.TRON YK9000

Substance size: H48 x W32 x D33 (cm)

As for the difference of the latter-term model and the prior-term model of Dr. Tron YK9000, with only modification of design, as for the functional output effect is the same.

Dr. Tron YK9000
(Prior-term model: Gray)

Dr.TRON YK9000

Substance size: H48 x W32 x D33 (cm)

The Dr. Tron which is the popular item of the past years. To be best to the market it is the type which has arrived.

High pressure electric field of Dr. Tron

There is the numerous device which creates healthy environment in the natural world. Natural electric field at one among those, we while being born, live under influence of natural electric field. Modern civilization disturbs the law of the natural world, makes also the law of harmony of the human body deviate, gives adverse effect, to human body such as disorder of dietary life and increase of stress, motion insufficiency. The high electric potential remedy vessel of Dr. Tron making use of this electric field which is natural device, maintaining the harmony and balance of the body, is the remedy vessel for the health care that it probably will maintain healthily.
As for health the times when you insert in the hand by your. High pressure electric potential cure of Dr. Tron “rests heart.”“It moves moderately.”“You eat skillfully.”It leads to the healthy life which does not have headache, stiff shoulders, the insomnia or the chronic constipation with by adding the everyday habit of saying.

Medical equipment for families

The British doctors, Hodgkin and Huxley, elucidated a mystery of the cell electrogenesis that the human body consisted of 60,000,000,000,000 cells, and electricity occurred from one the nothing. The high pressure electric potential remedy vessel of Dr. Tron does the helping which is arranged in the body whose balance is good making use of electric field. The human body consists from 60,000,000,000,000 cell, electricity occurs one from the one of that. It is the medical equipment for home which was developed in order this cell electricity (bioelectric potential) makes Dr. Tron activate, to use in the health making.
The primitive atmosphere (terrestrial origination period) the model (the gaseous mixture) approximately 1 weeks continuing the high piezoelectricity of 60,000 volt/bolt, when it discharges, the amino acid of several types being formed in the test tube it is proven by raw chemist Stanley mirror doctor of the United States, the high piezoelectricity becomes the catalyst, it means that the life substance is born from the inorganics. This result brought impact to the entire world, the research regarding “life and electricity” became active, the electrocardiogram, the brain wave and echo etc the medical examination equipment which you know appeared thrillingly, the medical electronic times which reach to today arrived. Simultaneously, also research and development of “high pressure electric potential medical therapy” advanced, was connected to the birth of Dr. Tron.
Manufacturer: Nihon Riko Medical Co,.Ltd.
Total sales agency: Dr. Tron Co,.Ltd.
Made in Japan